Africa awaits

While I haven’t been a member of SAVE Projects for a vast amount of time, the changes and developments I’ve witnessed in the short time since my acceptance have left me in awe. From the occasional donation to the now fully immersive experience involved in the planning of recent fundraisers,

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African Human Rights Day

There is not a lot more uplifting than seeing happy children having fun and playing, an activity that is a simple human right. Human Rights Day in South Africa is commemorated annually on the 21st March. This year, SAVE Projects are fundraising for the build of a safe new playground

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Project Football Outreach 2017

Our first visit on our 2017 trip to Africa saw us visit our Football Outreach Project. Like anywhere in the world, a little bit of rain never keeps the players away from their love for the game. In the village of Huntington, South Africa, our visit today brought smiles to

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Letters for Uthando

Letter writing for most of us here in Australia, and many other parts of the western world, is becoming a thing of the past.  With the internet and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, there isn’t really a need to put pen to paper anymore. But for children

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A chair equals a dream

Some people remember every detail of their childhood – their toys, pets, funny things they have said, all the silly ideas they had, perhaps more than anything, their loving home and family. But only some people will remember some or all of these things. Uthando House is currently home to

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